Thursday, April 23, 2009

Say "Hello" to my little friends

Meet our pride and joy, Snakey. Snakey is a red tailed boa , he is 5 feet long, he eats rats, enjoys bathing in his water dish, and climbing on Jim's head. (Sounds like I am announcing at a beauty queen contest.) "Snakey" really is his name. We inherited him from someone that didn't want him anymore and that is what they named him. Not very original but practical and easy to remember
Above is a picture of Snakey's house. It's huge. You can see him coming off his ledge in the bottom right hand corner. Yes, that is a humidifier in the bottom. He loves it tropical.
Next is Froggy. I know we just have the most original names. He was also adopted and was named by the previous owner. Froggy likes to eat crickets and goldfish. In fact I took this picture today and I was right next to the tank and he nabbed a goldfish. Scared the crap out of me, he is so fast. Oh, and he barks. He sounds like a dog.
This is the fish tank. Maybe you can guess who lives there? That's right, fishy. Again they are adopted but no, we didn't really name any of them fishy.
As long as I was taking pictures of the office wildlife I thought I would capture this creepy thing. Isn't this gross? First of all, who makes these things and sells them? Second of all, why would anyone buy one?
Now Mr. Tarantula isn't a permanent pet, he only came to visit one morning. Dean lives in the foothills below "Y" mountain, and this is what he found on his lawn one morning when he went out to work. Yikes!!! I didn't even know that there were tarantulas in Utah, let alone in Provo. We didn't want to keep him so they let him go out the front door. I kept expecting to hear a blood curddling scream from one of the ladies in the business complex when they crossed paths with him.Another visitor to the office was the raccoon named "Meko". On this day Meko was going to the vet to get fixed. Who knew that you could even have a raccoon fixed?

So there you have it, all the wildlife at Comfort Tech. Sometimes I wonder if we are running a heating & cooling company or a pet store. Even your kid ever needs an idea for a field trip maybe they can come on down to Comfort Tech and have a wildlife encounter.