Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Timp Hike - July 2007

View of Utah Valley from Timp.

Shelby, Mike (Comfort Tech softball team member), & Steve on top of Timp.

Shelby making a snow angel in July.

Shelby & Steve take a break on the hike back down. We were hot and thought a swim would be nice, but the water was ice cold.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Christmas 2007

How could you not lose your appetite with that coming at you.

?????? - I don't even know what to say about this.

Nick & Steve Condie

Steve & Claudia Van Quill

For our Christmas party we went to the Myan for dinner after which we opened presents. The employees all pitched in and bought Steve a Playstation with Guitar Hero. HE LOVED IT. Steve won't even let his kids play it without him because he wants to be the best.
We then went to the movie and watched Beowulf in 3-D. A good time was had by all.

2007 Company Retreat - Zion's Ponderosa

I am not sure if Ali Drake is having fun or not.

The Van Quill Family (Girls, don't hate me, your dad is the one that made me take the picture.)

Those poor Monsen kids. They don't have a chance with a Dad like that.

Alex Lauritzen hanging on.

Dean Andrew trying to show Alex up.

I think that this is definitely Karen's thing

The fallen soldiers

Shelby Drake with a little paint on the face.

Red "Dog Diggity" with a lot of paint on the face.

The one, the only "GI JOE" If you don't own your own gear you are NOTHING!!!!!!

The horse riders. Derek Condie, Michael Monsen, Eli Monsen, J Monsen, Gina Mason, Shelby Mason, Garth Mason, and Justin Mason.

Dean Andrew having a fabulous time at the bonfire.

Garth & Shelby Mason

Steve "Bossman" Lauritzen & GI Joe playing volleyball.

The young MR Michael Lauritzen, before he went Pro

What do you mean, "What am I doing here?"

Therese & Michael Lauritzen

Derek & McKenna


Mitchell & Steve Van Quill

Steve "Red" Condie & McKenna

Anne, Therese, Michael, and Elizabeth Lauritzen

2007 Softball Champions

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